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Mr. and Mrs. Possible were going out of town to visit grandma for the weekend in Florida. So Kim possible had to baby sit her little brother for the weekend. Ok Kim you will be baby sitting your younger brother for the weekend, Mrs. Possible said. Mom why do I have to watch the twerps this weekend, can’t you take them with you, Kim said in a sad tone. Sorry Kim, Mrs. Possible said walking out the door. After Kim’s parents left. Ok twerps do not mess up my weekend got it, Kim said angrily. We got it Jim and Tim said. Kim went and watched TV in the living room and Jim and Tim went to their room. So Jim and Tim are their room, thinking about what they wanted to do. Then Jim got a evil grin on his face. I like looking Tim said, are you thinking what I am thinking Tim said. I think we should tickle Kim, how are we going to do that, Jim said wondering. Then Jim and Tim starting planning their tickling revenge on their sister. So the plan is to make a tickling machine in the shape of a present and give it to Kim, Tim said. They work on the gift they were going to give to Kim. They made a box that was program to tickle its victims. They put 4 cuffs in the box, 2 for the hands and 2 for the feet. Also they put in a pair of robot hands which will tickle its victim. Ok twerps time for bed Kim said. Kim its only six Tim said. O well bed time now Kim said yelling. She won’t get away with it Tim said talking to Jim. Time to give her the gift said Jim walking over to Kim’s bedroom. Kim was on her bed reading. Hey Kim said Tim. Yes Tim Kim said. We have a gift for you said Tim said. What this for Kim said wondering. Just for being the best sister ever Jim said happily. O thanks Kim said. Then Jim and Tim when to their room. They sit in their room waiting for Kim to open her gift. Then Kim locked her door so the twerps can’t get in. Kim was dressed in a purple top and purple shorts with her belly showing. So lets see what we got Kim said to herself. She starting unwrapping her gift to find a box, then she open the box to find noting. Then there was a note at the bottom of the box from the twerps. It said  Kim if you got this note then you open the box I hope you like the gift. WOW nice gift Kim said angrily. Then all of the sudden a metal cuff came out of the box and shot at Kim’s right wrist. And grabbed it so she could’nt run. Whats going on Kim said trying run. Then another 3 cuffs came out  and her other wrist and her 2 ankles. Nice gift twerps Kim said trying to escape. Then the cuffed then moved her over the box. Then the cuffs move her hands over her head and her feet together , then they straighten her out so she could’nt move her hands and feet. She could only shake her belly. I can’t brake free Kim said Scared. Then all of the sudden her cheeks were pitched. HELLLLLLLLPPPP SOOMMMMME buddy Kim yelled. Then the poor girl girl got her mouth full with cloth. Sommme one hELLPPPP MMMMMMHHHHHHPPPPPPP, Kim said. Then Kim looked at the box and saw to hands come out and go for her belly. MMMMMMPPPPPPPPHHHHHHHHH(what are they doing) Kim said gagged. The hands began to slowly rub her cutie little belly, making Kim giggle like a little girl. HaHaHahaha Kim said. Then Jim and Tim picked the lock in to Kim’s room as they saw Kim’s ticklish torment  as the two hands started doing circles around Kim’s belly button. Making Kim laugh harder. MMMMMMMMMMPPPPPPPPPPPPHHHHHHHH said Kim. Jim then press the off buttom and the hands stopped and got off Kim’s cute little belly. Is your are sister going to be nice now Tim said teasing Kim. Never you little twerps, Kim said panting. Jim and Pull out feathers. You won’t get a away with this said Kim. Jim and Tim started tickling Kim’s belly. Kim started laughing hard. TIIIIMMMMM JJJJJIIIIIIm stttttoooopp I’’MMM to ticklishhhhh Kim said laughing. Jim then licks is finger and puts it in Kim’s cute little navel making Kim go into a high pitch laugher. Ssssssstttttttttoooooooooppp PPPPPlesssssssssae  Kim said . From all the tickling Kim passed out. Just you wait Kim you will get it another tickle session Jim and Tim said.       
a KIm possible tickling story Enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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you have the worst grammar imaginable
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